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Pay Over Time with PayBright

Spread the cost of your CoolSculpting treatment into 3 easy monthly payments*

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*Subject to credit approval

What is PayBright?

PayBright is Canada’s leading installment payment platform, providing customers with buy now, pay later solutions. By selecting PayBright as a payment method, our customers can enjoy their CoolSculpting® treatment immediately, while spreading their payments over time.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Why Use PayBright?

Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic has partnered with PayBirght to allow our customers finance their cosmetic treatments.

Prequalify Before Your Treatment

Get your PayBright spending limit while you’re still considering your treatment.

Hassel-Free, Quick and Convenient

Approval requires just a few details as well as a valid government-issued form of identification.

Automatic and On-Time Payments

PayBright will automatically debit monthly payments from your bank account.

Interest and Fees

0% interest. However, there is just a small monthly processing fee of $6.95 with each payment. We don’t charge any other service fees, prepayment fees, or hidden fees.

How Do I Use PayBright?


  • You must be a Canadian Resident
  • You must have a Canadian bank account
  • You are the age of majority (19 years of age)
  • You have an SMS-capable Canadian phone number


Pre-qualify online or at the clinic. You can find out if you prequalify now through our quick online application. Prequalifying shows you a preview of how much you could spend if you were to purchase with a PayBright payment plan. The application is quick, instant and does not impact your credit score!

Instant Approval

Once you are provided with the cost of your treatment at the clinic, we will run an instant hard credit check with a bureau (such as Equifax or TransUnion) using PayBright.


If approved, the final step will be to setup pre-authorized withdrawals. You can do this with the option to either electronically link to your bank account using your phone, or manually using a void check.


Does PayBright run a credit check on customers?

PayBright doesn’t do a hard credit check when you Pre-qualify. However, once you proceed with PayBright for your transaction, it does an instant credit check with a bureau (such as Equifax or TransUnion).

To learn more about PayBright and credit checks, please read this helpful FAQ article on the PayBright help site.

How can I check my account balance?

To see the remaining balance on your loan(s), sign in to your PayBright account ( and select the loan. You can also view your payment schedule to see how many payments you have left, and when they’re due!

Can I prepay my balance?

Sure, at any time! There are no penalties or fees for early repayments, and you can save on any interest or processing fees that haven’t accrued yet.

To pay off your current balance, log into your PayBright Portal ( and select the loan you want to pay off. You will have the option to either make a partial prepayment or payoff your agreement in full.

Does PayBright charge any interest or fees?

There is just a small monthly processing fee ($6.95) with each payment. We don’t charge any other service fees, prepayment fees, or hidden fees.

When are my payments due?

For easy monthly payments, your first payment is typically due one month after you complete your transaction, and will continue to be debited automatically on the same day of each month for the rest of the term. To view your payment schedule for a monthly payment plan, log into your PayBright account  ( and click View Payment Schedule

Are there late or NSF fees?

For more information on late or NSF fees, please see this FAQ article on the PayBright help site.

What if I can’t make a payment?

Please reach out to the PayBright team and they will be happy to look into the options available. You can contact them using this contact form.

I was not able to complete a PayBright transaction. What happened?

Unfortunately, PayBright is not able to provide payment plans to every applicant. This could be due to the information on your credit file, or because PayBright was not able to verify your identity or your payment method.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We currently only accept pre-authorized debits from your Canadian bank account.

Where can I find PayBright’s Terms and Conditions?

You can find them here.

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