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Backed up by Science,
Ultherapy Boosts Your Collagen

For Younger Looking Skin in Minutes

Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment with no downtime that boosts collagen production and creates a lifting effect. The Ultherapy treatment uses ultrasound energy to generate a thermal effect under the skin, going deeper to stimulate production of your body’s own collagen. A customized treatment plan allows the right depth and temperature to deliver energy into the target area.


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Ultherapy skin lifting treatment

Why Sacrifice Quality When it Comes to Your Skin?

Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts the neck, chin and brow, and improves lines and wrinkles on the upper chest.1,0

1,0. Fabi SG, Joseph J, Sevi J, Green JB, Peterson JD. Optimizing patient outcomes by customizing treatment with microfocused ultrasound with visualization: gold standard consensus guidelines from an expert panel. J Drugs Dermatol. 2019;18(5):426-432.https://vimeo.com/546060863?embedded=true&source=vimeo_logo&owner=93027104

Crank-up Your Collagen

For those who are not ready for a surgical facelift, Ultherapy provides proven results in a single treatment for most patients. Learn how to treat your loose skin without surgery, without impacting the surface of your skin, and without downtime.


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Benefits of Ulthera Treatment

Natural-Looking and Noticeable Results

Treatment Areas

The Ulthera treatment can be applied to your: lower face, jowls, under chin, neck, and brow. 


Tighten and firm your skin for a younger look.

Collagen Growth

Stimulates your skins collagen-rich layers. Ulthera lifts your skin, through ultrasound therapy.

Natural Look

Proven results of Ultherapy are clear. You will see noticeable results over two to three months as new collagen grows to lift and smooth your skin. Your results may improve over the following three to six months, and can last a year or more.*

*Results may vary


Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure, making it a great option for those who are not ready for a surgical facelift. 

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  • Price: Lower face = $2,800 / lower face + Neck = $3,250 / Full face = $3,250/ Full face+ Neck = $4,000 / Eyes = $1,000 / Neck = $1,500



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  • Purchase Ulthera for your face and get one Thermage eye tip


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